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Our research interests cover the synthesis of nanomaterials, the application of catalytic reaction, the design of catalytic reactors, and the development of in-situ techniques for energy materials in the applications of OER, HER, ORR, and CO2RR

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12 Mar, 2023
Congratulation!!! Hsin-Rong, Wen-Jing, and Tsung-Ju won the Excellent poster Prize at the Annual Meeting of Chemical Society Located in Taipei, 2023

17 Jan, 2023

Year-End Party

22 Dec, 2022

Christmas Party

18 Nov, 2022
Congratulation!!! Hsin-Rong, Zih-Yi, Wen-Jing, and Tsung-Ju won the Judge's Award of Wah Lee Materials Competition

11 Nov, 2022
Congratulation!!! Hsin-Rong and Wen-Yang won the Gold Award for poster competition in International Conference on Green Electrochemical Technologies